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NSSC Indoor Range

We are open Wednesday and Friday nights from 7:00
The range is passed for .22 Rimfire, Air Rifle, and Air Pistol use.
There is also a comfortable club room next to the range where you can relax and chat with like minded people who share your interest in shooting.
We have experienced shooters with rifles and pistols who are always willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with newcomers.
Competitions are available for .22 Rimfire Rifle and Air Pistol at this indoor range.
Or you may just want to shoot for fun. That’s fine with us.
The club has several .22 rimfire rifles of various types for members to use at the indoor range.
Currently competitions are running at the indoor range for
20 yard .22 rimfire sporting rifle
20 yard .22 rimfire Benchrest
20 yard air pistol
The indoor range