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NSSC Outdoor Range

All these weapons require an FAC

At our outdoor range there are dedicated firing points for both 20 and 50 yard shooting. The range has a covered firing point and solid benches at the 50 yard mark permitting all weather shooting.
Members may shoot firearms and airguns as the range is cleared for the use of pistol calibre carbine rifles and black powder pistols.
The club has a .357 carbine available for members to use on the outdoor range.
We do not charge any range fees.
There are competitions run for members to try their skills with pistol calibre carbines at the range. Or if you want to shoot for fun that’s fine with us. We have experienced shooters with carbines and black powder pistols who are always willing to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with newcomers.
Below are some pictures of the type of firearms that are used at our  outdoor range
Black powder revolvers and a black powder single shot pistol. Typically in .44 or .45 calibre
Carbines in .44 magnum, .45 long colt and a Henry rifle in .44-40.
.22 rimfire bolt action rifles
.22 rimfire semi automatic rifles
Our outdoor range is also been used by the airgun shooting members of our club. Here, they can use the extra distance available for field target and hunter field target setting up and practice.
Shooting from the 20 yard firing point